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July 1, 2012
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Hello all! This is my first fanfiction posted on Deviantart!
And, also it is surprisingly the first one to involve Loki. 0_o?
This is written in first person point of view, because it is much easier for me to write in that POV then any other.
Anyway, it may not be the best story out there, but I hope you enjoy!! :D

I was awakened by the sound of soft growls, and the feeling of my blanket being pulled off of me. The blanket soon was gone, having fallen to the floor. I rolled over in bed, and looked down. My brown Cocker Spaniel was staring up at me, the blanket in his mouth. He dropped the blanket, and then went to the foot of the bed, the tags on his collar clinking together as he walked. He grabbed his leash and brought it over to me, putting his paws up onto the bed.

"Wanna go for a walk hu Shep?" I said. I glanced over at my clock. It was about 7am. "It's a little early don't you think?" Shep gave a small cry, and nudged my arm with his nose, as if to say 'Please?'

Usually the morning walk doesn't happen this early, but I got up. I just can't say no to those blue puppy-dog eyes. I took the leash from him, and hooked it onto his collar. After I changed out of my pajamas I grabbed the leash and Shep and I went out the door.

We walked our normal route; around the corner, past the elementry school, and through the park. At the park we stopped for a bit. The morning was very peaceful, and the place was filled with the sound of chirping birds. I let Shep off his leash allowing him to go run around. He sniffed the ground, chased a few squirllels, and marked his territory on a few trees.

"That's odd." I thought. "Usually there are more dogs here in the morning..."

Every morning, even though it is a bit early, there are always a few other people with their dogs. The park was... empty. This is highly unusual.

Even Shep noticed that his dog pals wern't here. He came back over to me with a curious look, and a worried whine.

"I don't know, boy." I said to him. He jumped onto the bench I was sitting on. "This is very odd." I clipped the leash back onto his collar. "Come on. We should head back home." We got up and began walking back to the house.

As we were walking, everything felt too quiet... Far to quiet. Shep walked close to me obviously sensing the errie silence too.

We continued our walk back home when suddenly something ran right past us. It was so fast, I stumbled a bit, almost losing my balence.

"Woah!" I said. "What was that? You alright Shep?" I got no answer from him. I looked over... And he was gone!

"Ahh!" I yelled. I looked behind me, and in the distance I saw a man running hastily. Looking closer I saw... HE HAD SHEP IN HIS ARMS! I gasped, and started running after the man. "Give me back my dog!"

I continued running after the man, following him into a old warehouse. When I got inside I stopped in my trackes.

I couldn't even speak... Inside this warehouse was hundreds of cages and inside each cage was a dog. I recognized a few of them. Toby, Max, Lilly, Nina, all of them belong to friends of mine. I walked a bit further into the warehouse finding some papers on the floor. I picked them up, seeing that they from today's newspaper.

"Mysterious Dog Napper Strikes Again" Was the front page headline.

"Since last week, reports of dog nappings have incresed and are numbering in the hundreds. The culpret is still unknown as no victim has been able to provide any information. The culprets appearence, place of residence, and all other personal information is still a mystery. We advise all dog owners to keep your pets inside, and to go out only when it is needed. While outside, supervise your pet at all times."

I can't believe this... How... How could this happen? How could hundreds of dogs be stolen in such little time? How could this one person take them with out anyone even seeing thier face? This... This is madness!

I froze when I heard the sound of a dog crying in pain. The yelps were loud, and painful. They went on for a few moments and then... the crying stopped...

I dropped the papers back onto the floor. I wasn't going to stand for this. I'm going to find Shep. I'm not going to let someone waltz on by and steal my dog! All of these dogs... They need to be at home, with their families. Not in this cold dark warehouse. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I hurried over to the closest cage. Inside was a young dog that looked to be some sort of mixed breed. He had long grey fur with white on his face, and paws. He was laying in the corner, shaking. His fearful eyes stared up at me begging and pleading for help.

I looked at the lock on the cage, and it looked like some sort of puzzle. There were three dials. Each dial turned and created a different color combonition. On each dial there were 4 colors; red, blue, green and yellow.

I started messing with the lock, trying to get it off. After a few tries the lock clicked, and I took it off the cage throwing it over my shoulder. I opened the cage. The dog inside quickly got up, and ran out of his confides. He came over and licked my face; his way of saying thank you. The dog started barking.

"Shhh!" I said to him "No, no. Be quiet. Shhh." I pointed to the door of the warehouse. "Go on now, go, run!"

The dog ran out the door. Seconds after that alarms started going off.

Even with the alarms, I continued to the next cage. When I got there I saw three men running towards me.

"There she is!" One of the yelled. "Get her!"

I began panicing. How was I, a 18 year old girl, going to stand a chance against 3 fully grown men? I can't just run. I won't leave these dogs behind. Something shiny on the ground caught my eye. I looked over and saw a bow along with a quiver of arrows just sitting there. I quickly ran over to it. I picked up the bow, and an arrow. I may not have great aim, but this was the best I had. I pulled the bow back, and shot the arrow towards the men. I had aimed for it to hit one of them, but instead it hit a barrel that was next to them. Seconds later that barrel, along with the ones next to it, exploded, blowing the men off their feet and sending them flying across the room. I ducked down as debris flew through the air after the explosion. I could only imagine what damage it did to those men.

I put the quiver of arrows over my shoulder, and took the bow with me in case anymore men showed up. I continued on with my mission of helping these poor dogs. The cages all had various different locks with different puzzles. None of the were very hard, and only took me a few minutes to figure them out, some it took even less. As I released the dogs they all ran to the exit of the warehouse. I had encounters with more men and the number of them increased as time passed. The bow and arrows helped out a lot in slowing the men down, and stopping them from chasing me.

I had unlocked all the cages that I had seen, but I still didn't see Shep anywhere. I went over to the one place I hadn't been yet, and around the corner was one last cage. Inside was Shep. As I rounded the corner, he saw me and jumped on the cage. He cried out to me.

The sound of foot steps caught my attention. I put my finger to my lips telling Shep to stay quiet. I hid around the corner waiting to see who was coming. The one who came was a tall man with short grey hair. The man worn glasses, and a long white lab coat. He had an expression that just screamed "evil" and also had a devious glint in his beedly little eyes. He walked over and stood in front of Sheps cage. He looked him over while laughing quietly to himself.

Shep growled at the man while in a defensive stance. The man reached into the cage and was about to grab his ear when Shep bit the man's hand... HARD. The man yelled, and then slapped Shep with his free hand. His injured hand had visible teeth marks and blood was dripping down, falling onto the floor.

"Disobediant mutt!" The man yelled, his voice harsh. "How dare you bite your superior! Just for that, you're next!"

The man stormed away to go attend to his mutilated hand. When he left I quickly ran to Sheps cage.

"Hold on boy." I said. "I'm gonna get you outta there!"

The lock on Sheps cage was not like the others. It was a ordinary combination lock rather then a lock with a puzzle. I looked around for something I could use to break the lock off. I searched on the floor for anything that could be of use, but then I froze when I heard growling... Not Shep's growling... no. This growl sounded much more snarly. I looked up.

I was surrounded by what looked to be large, mutant, canines.

They were nearly as tall as I was, had glowing red eyes, and large muscular builds. Some of them had features of certain dog breeds, like their coloring and fur texture. One had the fur pattern of a husky, another had the coloring of a german shepard. It dawned on me in that moment of exactly what that man was doing to these dogs.

He's using them for science experiments... He's mutating them...

The mutants advanced towards me, as I scrambled to put out another arrow.

I shot a few of the canines, but to my surprise, one of them snapped my bow in half with its large powerful jaws.

"Oh hell..." I said. I dropped the broken bow on the floor and back away from the canine mutants, only to bump into one of them that was behind me. I fell to the floor, looking up at the snarling canines.

"I'm gonna get attacked!" I thought... I thought. Just when I thought I was going to be mauled by these vicious creatures someone appeared, litterally appeared out of thin air beside me. It was some man. I had no clue who he was, but he certainly wasn't like the other men who were trying to attack me earlier.

He was wearing mostly all black attire with shades of green accenting it. He had black hair which was slicked back and came to points at the bottom. He held a large staff that had a blue gem in the middle of the two sharp curves. The canines looked confused at his sudden appearence, but then growled again.

"Who are you!?" I called to the man.

"That information is not important at this moment!" He replied. "Just stay down."

The man rose his staff, and shot the canines. They let out loud crys of pain before they fell dead to the floor, their blood splattering all over. One of them fell right next to me. I jumped up, away from it.

With the mutants taken care of, the man walked over to Shep's cage, and used his staff to shoot the lock off. Shep pushed his way out of the cage door, and ran over to me, knocking me back to the floor. I hugged his tightly.

When I got up to say thank you to the man... He was gone.

Where did he go?

"Come on, Shep." I said. We walked down the hallway quietly.

We approched a room to our left, which I could hear people talking in. I peeked into the room, and the man with the staff was standing over the other man. He had his staff pointed at him.

"Your experimentations are over." The black haired man said.

What happened next, I couldn't even look at. I saw the black haired man stab the scientist. I quickly turned my head away. The pained sounds that came from the man made me shiver. When he silenced, I reluctantly turned around, trying not to look at the scientist on the floor.

"Who... Who are you?" I asked again. The black haired walked over to me.

"And what does it matter to you?" He replied.

"You... You saved my life, and the life of my dog." I said. "I would certainly like to know the name of our savior..."

He stared at me for a few moments. I noticed now that his eyes were a very bright green. Very vibrent. They looked at me as if they stared straight into my soul.

"If you must know, I am Loki." He finally said.

"Well... Thank you Loki." I replied. "Thank you. I am eternily greatful. I am in you're debt."

He smirked at my words for reasons unknown to me. "Hehehe. Good to know." In the blink of an eye, he was gone again, which left me in confusion...

I didn't want to be in that warehouse any longer so I decided to just let it go.

"Come, Shep. We're going home."
First story I've posted on DeviantArt. :happybounce:
This story is insider by a reoccurring dream I've been having which I explained in this journal entry [link]
Which :iconxxinsanity-kruegerxx: =XxInsanity-KruegerxX said that it would make a cool story :D

0_0 This is the fastest I've ever finished a part of a story. This only took me maybe an hour to write. And I did it without listening to music...

Hope you enjoy this part. I Plan on continuing this. :)
If you have any suggestions or see any spelling errors of any kind please let me know!!

I live off of your opinions!!!! Please let me know what you think!!!!

Oh, and just FYI, I'm not 18, I'm 16. I just though 18 sounded better...

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very well doneClap  for your first LokixReader FanFic. this is a greatNod  beginning to this FanFic as well.Handshake   
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Well thank you :)
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vienna-kangaroo Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Student Writer
Really good work! Especially since it's your first fanfiction here on DA. :)
If I had to critique you on anything, I'd say that you need to be as consistent as possible with the tense you're writing in, and perhaps explain a bit more so the story's easier to understand, even if you have to stray a bit from the dream. Perhaps you could explain a bit more about Loki, too, and what a surprise it was to see him and how unusual and otherworldly he was. Or maybe he seemed oddly familiar... XD I don't know. Anyway, really well done. :)
AgentLaufeyson Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :)
I appreciate the suggestions.
The story is hard to understand? Oh dear! That is not good! I must make sure I do a better job of explaining things!!
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You're very welcome. :)
Haha, I'm glad.
I really hope I didn't sound too critical! I'm sorry if I did. D: No, it's not really a problem. I can understand the majority of it absolutely fine. I really did like the story. It's very engaging. :)
AgentLaufeyson Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no no no! You didn't sound too critical! Not in the slightest!
I just always like for people to understand my work as clearly as possible!
I'm glad it's keeping you interested :D
I'll be sure to be a bit more descriptive in the next chapter!!
vienna-kangaroo Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Student Writer
Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad to hear that. :) I'm sure that everyone can understand your story fine. It's probably just me. XD
It certainly is! Please, keep writing! :D
Okay, sounds great!
AgentLaufeyson Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Again, I am grateful for you opinions.
In all honesty, I'd rather get a good solid critique rather then a simple "Oh this is awesome!"
I'm always trying to improve my work, so when people give me suggestions and such it really helps out!
I plan on continuing. I have the third chapter thought out, just have to get it written. :D
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