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You've read my mind - A Johnlock OneshotNote: Anything in Italics is Sherlock and John's thoughts.
Just because it's silent, doesn't mean that someone isn't speaking. To some, silence can be equal to a million words being spoken.
If there is one thing that Sherlock Holmes is notorious for, other than his amazing deductive prowess, it would be his constant unusual experiments which, more often than not, include the use of dangerous chemicals or other hazardous things. Normally, Sherlock has control of the experiment enough that nothing bad ever happens because of them, but there are times where, while it is rare, an experiment will backfire and can cause damage to the flat or have other adverse side effects.
Today, was one of those rare times.
Sherlock had been in the kitchen preforming some sort of experiment; what it was for and why he was doing it, even John didn't know. John didn't ask questions about it - he had learned that he would rather NOT know what Sherlock was experimenting for - And he simply walked
Red Solo Cup - A JOHNLOCK Oneshot"Sherlock, I made tea." John said from the kitchen.
Sherlock walked in from the living room, and immediately it caught his attention that there were red plastic cups sitting on the counter rather than the usual mugs. "Why are you using plastic cups?"
"Well you cracked the last of our mugs with your last experiment, making them unusable, so this is all we have." John replied while handing Sherlock one of the red solo cups filled to almost to the top with tea. The detective noticed a slightly different aroma coming from the tea. "I didn't make it as hot; I didn't want the plastic to melt." John drank his tea, but Sherlock was simply examining the outside of the cup.
"Did you know that the lines on the outside of a solo cup are actually measurements for different kinds of alcohol, John?"
"Yeah, I did know that actually."
There was moment or so of silence before Sherlock replied. "...You spiked the tea didn't you?"
Yes, John actually had spiked the tea. And what's even more surprising - Jo
Plushie - A JOHNLOCK FanficIt was a known fact to everyone that Sherlock Holmes' sleeping habits were far from ordinary. He barely ever slept, especially when he was on a case, and even when he did sleep it usually was for no more than a few hours. John Watson, a lot of the time, found himself questioning how Sherlock could go so long without even a nap. Running around London - and sometimes even other cities - trying to catch and reprimand criminals and constantly following the new clues and leads that the detective would find was quite exhausting if you asked John. This particular case keep them up until well past four in the morning. Sure, the case was solved, the criminal was apprehended and brought to justice, all of that was fine and dandy, but all the doctor wanted to do was to sleep.
When Sherlock and John soon returned to their flat at Baker Street, John could tell that his friend was more tired than he'd admit, even if he did try to hide it. On the cab ride back home, John noticed that Sherlock'
Let's Be Cops - Chapter 1 (A Mystrade Fanfiction)"Now I've had the time of my life! No I never felt this way before!"
Mycroft Holmes let out a exasperated sigh as he watched the scene in front of him. He certainly hadn't imagine that his night would entail him being dragged out by his flatmate to a small nightclub... on kareoke night. It was nearly deserted inside, only a few people still straggaling behind after the rush from a few hours before had died out. Those few people soon left, leaving only the two flatemates, a few workers, and the manager, Angelo.
"And I swear it's the truth! And I owe it all to you!" The singer's voice was horribly off pitch and anyone who had ears could tell that he was at least a little bit tipsy. But, nevertheless, he continued on trying to sing. "I've been waiting for so long, Now i've finally found someone to stand by me!"
"Greg, don't look at me when you sing that." Mycroft said to his flatmate, Gregory Lestrade.
Greg stopped singing and walked down from the kareoke stage, plopp

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It has been exactly 1 week since I was at C2E2 and I felt it was about time I actually got around to doing a psudo-blog post about it. Because honestly, conventions are one of my favorite things, and so much amazing things happen at them. At C2E2 2015, my friends and I got to meet and get our photo taken with Stan Lee, the ever incredible generalissimo of Marvel.

And, while C2E2 2016 did not have anything to that caliber of greatness, it was still an amazing time nonetheless. It was a ton of fun, I saw some amazing cosplayers, got to talk to a lot of awesome artists, and in general had an amazing time.
Here's some photos I got during the weekend.

Day one, Friday the 18th of March.

The first day is always the day we scope out the convention floor, get a feel for where things are and start to plan out what we want to do at the con itself. For Friday I was Loki while my friends Jodi and Bailey were Owen and Blue the Velociraptor from Jurassic World. In the background you can just make out our other friend, Cole. He didn't cosplay for this Con, but he plans on making a Link cosplay soon, which should turn out really nice.

Day two, Saturday the 19th of March.

Wow, a lot went on during Saturday, let me tell ya. First of all, I wore my Bilbo Baggins cosplay while Jodi was Ash Ketchum and Bailey was Mega Charizard Y. The Charizard was a HUGE Hit with the convention crowd and we were stopped for photos about every 30 seconds once we hit the convention floor. But Jesus Christ, I can totally understand why. That Charizard was fucking amazing. Kudos Bailey. Like that one guy said, you are literal cosplay goals.

Obligatory Selfies are obligatory, Ehehehe.

To explain the hat, I stole it from Cole for the day so I could somewhat fit in with Bailey and Jodi XD
Also, Why do my eyes look Grey in these pictures? My eyes are fucking Blue. WTF Camera.


We ended up running into these two and of course we had to get a photo.
Also, note to self, get some of those hobbit slippers. That's clever and much better than wearing sandals.


All weekend we kept seeing Borderlands Cosplayers and they were all amazing. But all I wanted was to see one Handsome Jack cosplayer and for the longest time we couldn't find one.
And of COURSE I had to get a picture with him because I am borderlands trash and Jack is the Fav Sinnamon roll. #Murderhusband
(And okay what even is my wig doing? I know hobbit hair is supposed to be messy but wtf.)


And Day 3, Sunday the 20th of March

Day 3 was all about one thing, THE LOOT. We always wait until Sunday to buy everything because that's when everything is usually on sale. Unless the item we see is super important or we need it right at that moment, Sunday is Buying day.
And, oh boy, at conventions I am the worse impulse buyer ever. Not including my share of the hotel room, I probably spent about 250 dollars or more.
Below you can also see some photos of my Loki costume more fully. Since I still haven't gotten a wig, I added a Slytherin Hair bow, because come on, Loki would be a Slytherin. 

More notes to self: Get a Loki wig, damn it. Also fix your helmet, the horns are fucking crooked. And remake your arm bracers, the straps are broken for like the 6th time.

We also found this cute little pup on the con floor with his owner! This pups name was Louis and he was dressed as a "Brony."

Okay, now onto to the loot!

The full listing of everything I bought is below
  • Watercolour prints of Loki, Lady Thor, and my zodiac sign - Sagittarius. (Thor and Sagittarius not pictured)
  • A print of DOGS PLAYING POKEMON because it was clever.
  • Buttons of Loki, Hawkeye, Thor, and Deadpool BECAUSE BUTTONS ARE MY WEAKNESS.
  • A BUTT STALLION T-shirt that's fucking great and has Tiny Tina.
  • A Thor Pop figure for my sister. (Not pictured)
  • A LOKI PLUSHIE THAT I WAITED AN ENTIRE YEAR TO BUY because it was sold out last year before I could get to it.
  • This one guys original comic book because he was so enthusiastic when he was explaining it to me and it sounded fucking hilarious.
Also not directly con related but I also ended up buying THE ENTIRE BORDERLANDS SERIES FOR PC, WITH ALL THE DLC Because it was on sale, and A borderlands Hyperion shirt because I'm an impulsive shopper and should not be allowed on Amazon after midnight. (I wasn't joking when I said I'm borderlands trash.)


So we say goodbye to another C2E2. If I had to sum up the whole weekend in one word, It could only be: Amazing. It was an awesome time and I cannot wait to return next year.


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:bulletpurple: I'm Deanne.
:bulletpurple: But you may also call me Dee, Penguin, Sherlock, Loki, or Hobbit.
:bulletpurple: I'm an artist who does both digital and traditional works. I am also a writer and enjoy writing fanfiction stories.
:bulletpurple: Some of my OTP's are Johnlock, Destiel, ScienceBros, Philinda, Mystrade, AmyRory McDirk and Clintasha.
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:bulletpurple: I can often be found Roleplaying on Omegle under the Johnlock and Sciencebros tags. (And occassionally Mystrade.)
:bulletpurple: Feel free to note me if you ever want to chat!!

~Favorite Movies~
The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron man, Basically ALL marvel Movies, Tron Legacy, In Time, Men In Black, Nemo, Well Basically ALL Disney Movies, Maze runner, Let's be Cops, Ender's Game, Now You See Me, And many many more.

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Current favorites: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Temposhark

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BORDERLANDS, Jak and Daxter, Pokemon, Minecraft, Raving Rabids, Basically ALL LEGO GAMES, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Ty the Tazmanian Tiger, AND DID I MENTION BORDERLaNDS!?!

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